Maianbar House

Pre­car­i­ously nar­row and dom­i­nated by a rocky out­crop the exist­ing site con­di­tion of this project was as pic­turesque as it was chal­leng­ing. The ini­tial client brief called for a mod­est pri­mary dwelling accom­pa­nied by a sec­ondary granny flat no larger than 60sqm. The ini­tial con­cept stage of the project endeav­oured to dis­perse the major dwelling pro­grams ratio­nally over the site while con­sid­er­ing the amenity of the over­all build­ing form and that of the adja­cent properties.

The extreme nature of the site pro­voked us to engage a struc­tural engi­neer at an ear­lier stage than usual, enhanc­ing dis­cus­sion and col­lab­o­ra­tion. This con­stant dis­course between us, the client, and exter­nal con­sul­tants pro­vided a nec­es­sary chan­nel to chal­lenge the ini­tial design intent to evolve and encom­pass options at first thought unfeasible.

The final pro­posal takes advan­tage of the north­ern sun and east­ern vis­tas to Simp­sons bay, the major­ity of the pro­posed glaz­ing faces north while being shielded from the harsh west­ern sun with colour­bond metal awnings. Respond­ing to the extrem­ity of the site we opted to set­tle upon a light­weight metal cladding con­cur­rently func­tion­ing as a shield against the harsh coastal atmos­phere while retain­ing excel­lent ther­mal qualities.

Client: Pri­vate
Project Bud­get: $1M+
Sta­tus: Con­struc­tion Certificate



con­cept sketches

concept sketches small