Affordable Housing Development - Riverwood, New South Wales

NSW’s Land and Housing Corporation reached out to YGP to design 2 cost-efficient, medium-density housing facilities. Our services included not only conceptualisation, but also preparation of the development application and construction documentation needed for tendering the project to contractors.

In the first stage of the project, we met with key consultants to gather information about the site and its pre-existing structures. This phase also included preparation for the demolition of these buildings to clear the site for our new development.

Our design concept envisioned contemporary facilities that borrow traditional elements to create a picturesque exterior. Stylish brick veneer walls are paired with bright timber panelling, forming a charming aesthetic that is enhanced by the presence of the sleek trellises that stretch over the entryways and the classic railing that lines the balconies on the upper floor.

Valuable amenities were incorporated for the tenants, such as designated private parking spaces onsite. Inside each unit, tenants can enjoy spacious ground floors comprising kitchen, dining, and living spaces. Every unit has two bedrooms upstairs, each featuring a private balcony with a large glass opening that lets in an abundance of natural daylight. 

photos of construction 9/5/2017