NSW Social Housing Upgrades: Uplifting Communities with Impactful Residential Developments


Project Title: Multiple Projects

Property Types: Multi-Residential

Site Locations: Throughout NSW

Client: NSW Government



Over the years, YGP has served several social housing corporations associated with the NSW government. By collaborating with these entities, we’ve helped the government to provide higher quality housing to the region’s residents, improving quality of life for citizens and bringing greater value to the areas of construction.

In these projects, the client goals ranged from revitalising impoverished areas to upgrading existing facilities to meet the latest standards. Our work has encompassed projects of various scales and levels of complexity. We’ve carried out design conception and preparation for development, as well as full management of construction all the way to completion.

Below, we’ve provided profiles of a few of these projects, detailing the targets, challenges, and results of each.


Dubbo Group Home

The Ageing, Disability & Home Care division of NSW’s Family & Community Services department had begun planning the development of a special needs housing facility. They contracted YGP to take on this $4 million project, entrusting us to deliver a design that could meet the government’s needs for cost-effectiveness while still providing residents a high-quality environment that accommodates their physical and behavioural capacities.

In response to ADHC’s request, we took a compassionate approach to the design process, keeping the residents’ needs at forefront when considering every architectural element. Our team set out to optimise the functionality of the facility in a way that could make everyday activities easier and more comfortable for the occupants.

Our proposal was a suite of modern residences that range from 1- to 2-bedroom units. The housing units span over a beautifully landscaped lot, which features a communal area in its centre. Here, a lush lawn and terrace gives residents a tranquil setting to spend time outdoors, while the facility’s lounge, office, and laundry facilities are located in a common building.


Claymore Community Regeneration Program

Blighted by poverty, gang activity, and high unemployment, the Claymore Estate had fallen into a state of urban decay. The 125-hectare estate’s construction was completed in 1981 and was based on the a Radburn design concept, setting the housing to face a central community square rather than the streets.

Since its conception, the Radburn concept has come under criticism, being linked to high crime rates and safety concerns in neighbourhoods with a lower socio-economic status. This effect was also seen in the Claymore Estate, where the central square had become dominated by criminal activity and was thus avoided by most residents.

The state government aimed to replace the Radburn-style community design with a new concept that fosters a safer environment. Their concept includes incorporation of private housing that will bring in residents from higher socio-economic backgrounds, thereby uplifting the community’s opportunities.

YGP was contracted to contribute to the new mixed-development with the upgrade of 72 cottages. In addition to this renovation, we were also commissioned to improve this part of the estate’s layout through the planning of new roads and closure of pre-existing walkways. [3] 

Construction of the urban renewal project is currently underway. With these changes effected, the Claymore Estate is prepared to offer residents a harmonious neighbourhood that strengthens community ties and gives families a peaceful place to call home.


Belvoir Street, Surry Hills

NSW’s Land and Housing Corporation had recruited YGP to upgrade an existing high-density housing complex. The scope entailed the replacement of windows and doors throughout the facility. All windows were completely replaced, while a number of the property’s original doors were given restorative treatments. This included the removal of rust, discoloration, and other damages, restoring them to a like-new state. 

After we fulfilled the project’s original scope, the client requested that we also perform a complete redesign and renovation of the commercial building on the ground level of the property. This project is currently active.