Neighbour Consultation

Building works can cause disruption, but talking through your designs and likely timeframes with neighbours will usually help alleviate concerns before the work begins.

Pre-approval notification

Talking to your neighbours about your development proposal big or small is always a good idea and often saves a lot of trouble down the track. The Department encourages talking to your neighbours as early as possible in the design process to help ensure the development process is as smooth as possible for all involved and doesn't come as a surprise.

In metropolitan areas a certifier or council is required to inform your neighbours that you have applied for a complying development certificate 14 days before it can be approved. This is called pre-approval notification.

While there is no formal pre-approval notification required in residential release areas and most rural and regional areas, it is still a good idea to make your neighbours aware of any development proposals.

Pre-construction notification

Once your complying development certificate has been issued, you must notify neighbours prior to any work commencing. This is called pre-construction notification.

If you live in a metropolitan area, you must give your neighbours at least seven days' notice. If you live in rural and regional areas or a residential release area, you must give your neighbour two days' notice.