Current Project - Upscale Home Transformation - Kirribilli, New South Wales

On a main thoroughfare to a public ferry dock in one of Sydney’s most affluent neighbourhoods, the owners of a three-storey, semi-detached residence contracted YGP to conceive a series of alterations to the home’s exterior and interior.

Perched on a cliffside, surrounded by skyscraping palms and clifftop greenery, the property has ample access to the bright Kirribilli sunshine. Our proposal adds Dormer windows and an open-plan dining area to bring more daylight into the home and maximise scenic views. It also expands the interior, achieving a total floor area surpassing what is typically permitted in the zone.

Included in our proposed works is the complete refit-out of the interiors, as well as enhancement of overall accessibility for the home’s senior occupants. A number of features on the site are planned for demolition and restructuring to make room for a new lift. Additionally, we will be constructing bridging between the garage and the house to provide a covered pathway.

Minor landscaping is planned for the property. Lush vegetation will be added throughout the yard area, creating a natural space that harmonises with the residence’s soothing waterfront setting. We have also proposed a strategically-placed tree to increase privacy on the street-facing side of the home.

The Development Application’s (DA) approval was received in March 2019, within just 4 months, including the Christmas break period. It was particularly challenging to obtain DA approval, as the property is set in a heritage conservation area and fronts the Sydney Harbour foreshore. Our team is thrilled to progress into the design development and construction documentation phase of this project.