Luxury Home Renovation - Darling Point, New South Wales

YGP was contracted by the owners of an expansive upscale property to design major alterations and additions for the home and outdoor leisure areas. The client sought to improve the functionality of their home, as well as capitalise on luxurious existing features such as ocean views and a large pool.

Our first design task was extending the ground floor to accommodate larger bedroom areas, as well as utility areas such as bathrooms and the laundry room. These parts of the home had formerly been too small to function efficiently and suit the client’s needs. Additions were also designed for the first floor, where we implemented an open plan layout that enhanced comfort and facilitated a flowing transition between spaces.

The second floor was given a new layout and expansion too, increasing the scale of the master bedroom and its ensuite bathroom. At the client’s request, we incorporated direct access to a rooftop terrace that provides inspiring views of Blackburn Cove and Point Piper, as well as the rejuvenated pool area in the yard below. 

The existing pool was upgraded with an adjoining spa, as well as a large poolside terrace with amenities such as a grand stone fireplace, built-in seating, a view of the cove, and a spiral staircase that leads down to the yard. The property’s lush landscaping was redesigned around the home’s larger size, new outdoor structures, and goals to improve ease of access from the underground garage. 

Eastbourne road
eastbourne road 1
eastbourne road 2
Darling point 2


Project team - Paul Yoon & Andrew Barnyak. Interior Design by Lynda Kerry. Construction by Daniel Fielding. Photo by William Mallat.