Green Forest Timber Headquarters - Parramatta Road, Granville, New South Wales 

Green Forest Timber is a supplier of timber decking material for homeowners. They came to YGP for help designing a new headquarters that would inspire customers, facilitate efficient business operations, and embody the brand’s principles of sustainability and modernity. Our final product was a cost-effective design ready to be taken to the construction stage.

From the project’s conception, we closely collaborated with GFT and major consultants, striving to create a facility that met all the company’s needs while at the same time enhancing customer experience. Our services included design conception, development application, and construction certificate acquisition.

The site’s corner location gave us an incredible opportunity to command streetside attention. We did this with a streamlined exterior. Inside the building, we designed a multi-functional space that includes office suites and warehouse storage space, as well as spacious showrooms that engage customers with product displays. The inviting atmosphere is enhanced with an on-site café, where customers can relax between browsing and consultations.