Contemporary Restaurant Fitout - Newtown, New South Wales

The owners of a trendy restaurant business recruited our help to design an on-brand, cost-effective interior for their space in a newly constructed commercial development. Their original brief called for minimal architectural intervention, eschewing dramatic structural additions in favour of sleek finishes and impactful accents.

We collaborated with the client to flesh out a detailed design concept, zoning in on a layout and aesthetic that matched the Little MoMo brand and could offer an optimised guest experience. Discussions also focused on identifying important accommodations that were required in the planning, such as the need to leverage common construction techniques in order to minimise construction time.

Once the design conceptualisation phase was complete and we had established the final vision for the restaurant’s interior, our team’s efforts shifted to the preparation of the development application and construction documentation. The project progressed through the construction stage, ending with a finished product that was ready to greet its first customers.

Little MoMo’s interior now flaunts a decidedly modern look that warmly welcomes diners. A warm atmosphere has been created by the presence of rich wood panelling, vertical stone accents, and soft lighting. The result is a casual but stylish eatery where customers can socialise and dine in an environment they’ll be glad to return to.