Upscale café fitout - Miller Street, North Sydney, New South Wales

One of the large commercial buildings in the downtown area needed a streamlined interior design solution that would elevate one of its lobbies into a chic yet unobtrusive café. YGP was entrusted with the task because of our experience bringing elegant, efficient design to other commercial spaces in the region.

Because the lobby area serves as a thoroughfare to offices and businesses within the building, it was necessary to design the space so that it could remain clear and easily facilitate the flow of foot traffic. Our secondary goal was to create a solution that would complement the existing interior decor, making the new café space seem a natural part of the environment.

Our design proposal uses a custom wooden cabinet and countertop construction that curves along the shape of the back wall. Its deep, rich hue and impressive height make the piece serve as a sophisticated new focal point for the lobby, matching the sleek and upscale atmosphere that surrounds. Additionally, this large installation offers all required storage space for the café service itself.

Customers are served at a minimalist island bench. Its clean lines and light stone marbling help it blend into the lobby’s existing elements, mimicking the materials and structures found on the floor and walls. The resulting design is a pared-back café space where customers can be efficiently served before they transition to another area.