Custom home with granny flat - Maianbar, New South Wales

As a narrow, rocky outcrop, the striking landscape of this property made architectural planning an exciting challenge. The owner came to us looking for expert custom home architects that could make the most of the land’s rugged features. Their hope was to create a modest primary dwelling with an attached granny flat.

Because of the multi-level structure of the terrain, we recruited the help of a structural engineer earlier than usual in the design process. This collaboration gave us a chance to identify architectural opportunities that were first thought to be impossible. Our original design concept evolved from spreading the structure out over the land, to a more condensed building that does not extend as far down the slope.

The final design features a sleek but utilitarian aesthetic, influenced greatly by the practical needs imposed by the home’s surrounding climate. Lightweight metal cladding was chosen for the exterior covering, serving as a protective shield against harsh coastal winds, humidity, and temperature dips.

pacific 0527 03 ss.jpg
concept sketches.jpg