As a North Shore architectural service,YGP’s team consists of top talent with decades of expertise that's leveraged in every project we take on. Our boutique firm delivers personalised service to every client, dedicating all of our resources to the successful completion of each project that comes our way. 


Paul Yoon - Principal Architect & Founder

B.Arch (UNSW), B.Interior Design (UTS), NSW Architect Registration Board #8888

As YGP’s founder, Paul Yoon is the driving force behind the firm’s progress and vision. He serves as the primary architect, interior designer, and project manager, leveraging over 18 years of industry experience to provide clients with comprehensive service.

Paul has helped clients in both the public and private sectors successfully execute retail, commercial, industrial, educational, and residential developments. From unique residences to the formation of major shopping centres, his portfolio widely ranges in scale, diversity, and complexity.  

Working on both the design and management side, Paul efficiently steers projects through the planning and construction phases while remaining faithful to his innovative and practical designs. The result is an elite level of service that never loses sight of the client’s original concept and goals.  

Andrew Barnyak - Project Collaborator

Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

Andrew is an independent designer who has built a revered reputation both in Australia and his native United States. He regularly partners with YGP to collaborate on our design projects, helping us achieve greater levels of finesse.

Boasting an impressive portfolio of work, Andrew’s designs have seen their fair share of the spotlight. His visions have been featured in the pages of the industry’s most prestigious publications, including Architectural Digest, Vogue Living, and House and Gardens. From luxury residences to landmark office towers, he’s made his mark across the architectural board.

Whenever Andrew teams up with YGP, we’re able to develop concepts that seize every opportunity for improvements and creativity. His insights and contributions help us deliver premier quality projects with design that reaches new heights.


Craig Schulman - Principal Town Planner 

M.Urban and Regional Planning (USYD), B. Science (MQ)

Craig has spent over 13 years empowering developments throughout Australia with top-tier development planning services. At YGP, he contributes his array of talents to guarantee smooth progress for every project.

With work spanning both the government and private sectors, Craig’s extensive portfolio includes multi-storey residential, commercial, retail, and mixed-use developments. His experience ranges from the roll-out of nationwide facilities to the conception of individual properties. After working on many high-profile and complex developments, Craig feels comfortable tackling the most challenging of projects.

In addition to his mastery of development planning and environmental science, Craig also brings hands-on experience to the table: he has formerly been a property manager, a land surveyor, and the manager of a full team of planners. This broad scope of experience gives him unique insights into property development practices and their relationship to the natural environment.

William Hong - Financial Controller

CPA, MAcc MBA BMgt(Acc) GradCerMLP

As our Financial Controller, William is responsible for all activities relating to accounting, finance, and HR. Thanks to his superb accuracy and planning abilities, William helps us keep all of the firm’s financial matters in perfect balance.

William assists us in maintaining a healthy cash flow, helping us to develop client billing arrangements that ensure all of our operations can smoothly progress without any funding interruptions. Additionally, he oversees our insurance and risk management, identifying opportunities to bolster our protection.

His duties also include performing financial analysis, developing fee projections, and executing our annual budgeting. He periodically meets with management to go over financial reviews for individual projects, enabling YGP to maintain a clear picture of each project’s financial status and if adjustments need to be made moving forward.

William is an essential member of our team, the one who keeps the financial waters calm so that we can keep sailing forward, focusing on the creation of fine architecture. 


Joshua Lowe – Architectural Graduate

B.Design (Arch) (UoN)

Joshua has completed both a Bachelor of Design: Architecture, and an Architectural Technology TAFE degree. Ever ambitious, he has aspirations to undertake the Masters program, but is first gaining hands-on industry experience at YG+Partners.

Joining us as an Architectural Graduate and ArchiCAD Technician, Joshua is eager to build upon his education by learning from the other talented professionals on our team. Here, he welcomes the opportunity to build his skills by participating in all facets of the design process and assisting our firm with a wide variety of projects.

One of Joshua’s greatest strengths is his ability to build sharply accurate 3-dimensional models. This forte was developed thanks to his passion for drafting and tinkering with software like ArchiCAD, all in the effort to gain a deeper understanding that is unfortunately not readily supplied by architectural education programs. At YGP, his initiative and independence is a well-appreciated resource that helps us maintain steady progress on our projects.  

Kathy Burgess – Interior Designer

D.Interior Design (BBCoD), B.F & Acc (UNSW)

Formerly a number-crunching accountant, Kathy switched career tracks to pursue her greatest passion: interior design. She’s in the final stretch of earning her Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration, and is already proving her impressive skills in some of our top projects.

Kathy has been a part of many successful commercial projects. She’s lead the way as a project manager, conceived goal-oriented designs, and overseen complex installations. A knack for communication is one of Kathy’s greatest strengths. She knows how to build lasting relationships with clients, addressing their needs and using her business savvy to help them achieve excellent value.

Textures, colours, artistry - love for these elements is what drives Kathy’s ambitions. And it shows in her work. Kathy’s portfolio is full of enthralling, cohesive spaces that provide a unique experience for all who visit.