At YGP, you can tailor your payment and service arrangements to meet your unique needs. We offer you flexibility through a choice of different fee and design packages, allowing you to select a combination that addresses every aspect of your individual project.

Our fee packages are designed to offer you supreme convenience. You’re able to pay in an arrangement that’s best suited to the type of service we provide you. For maximal ease, you may even choose separate fee packages for different phases of your project.




Services are paid for in a single payment. The fixed fee is determined at the beginning of the project.

This arrangement is best suited for projects with a cost, scope, and schedule that can be estimated with reasonable accuracy. Examples include the preparation of an architectural rendering, or the creation of marketing materials. 


Services are paid for according to an hourly rate which we’ve agreed upon at the start of your project.

Time Basis is best for work with a scope that’s difficult to accurately estimate, or work that takes only a short period of time. An example of this would be YGP meeting and filing paperwork with authorities to obtain official project approvals. 


Price is based on a percentage of your project’s construction costs. This can be calculated in two different ways:

1.     Net basis, excluding consultant fees

2.     Percentage, including consultant fees

Consultant services include engineering, town planning, energy assessment, and other similar services.

Construction cost is the builder’s contract price(s) of all project elements, including Goods and Services Tax (GST). Where there is no contract price, the cost will be YGP’s estimated cost of the construction.



We offer several design packages that are built for different project types and work scopes. Each of our design packages can be customised to address the specific needs of your project. Below, you’ll find a link to our detailed Design Package guide, plus a quick overview of each package’s offerings. 


  • We provide you with building design plans and all authority permits.

  • Best if you have already chosen an experienced builder who will handle the full construction phase of the project.


  • Includes building design plans and all authority permits, plus a set of detailed construction contract documentation and written specification covering the materials, labour, processes, etc. that are to be used by the builder.

  • Provides you with everything you need to independently approach builders for bids on your project.



  • You get everything from Package B, plus help soliciting construction bids from various builders.

  • We provide recommendations, as well as help you pre-qualify builders, check their professional reputations, and negotiate a contract.

  • Suitable if you need assistance finding a quality builder and ensuring your construction contract matches your plans.


  • Includes everything from Package C, plus full administration of the construction process.

  • We inspect your builder’s work, then review it and manage corrections (if needed).

  • We review and approve payments, as well as work changes and additions.

  • Perfect if you’re seeking management of your entire project—from design conception to construction completion.


  • Can be added to any package to ensure a cohesive interior design that complements your new building’s architecture.

  • Complete design planning including selection of colour palettes, materials, finishes, furnishings, decor, etc.

  • You get full interior design documentation that is added as an amendment to your project’s main contract.


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