Semi-Detached Home Renovation - Clovelly, New South Wales

Based on our successful past work in residential architecture, YGP was recruited to enliven this semi-detached home through a series of alterations and additions. Our services started with design conception and extended to preparation of the development application, which is currently pending approval.

Our work included design changes to both the home’s interior and exterior. It started with the ground floor, which we remodelled and expanded to accommodate a more spacious living area. This space features a retractable glass wall that opens toward the backyard, creating an airy leisure spot that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living. The outdoor patio is covered by an elegant timber trellis, softening the transition between the spaces while serving as a sustainable shading system.

Expansion was also part of the first floor’s redesign, which consequently benefited from a tripling of usable space. This allowed us to more effectively satisfy the client’s request for a more family-focused design that could comfortably accommodate the household while encouraging engagement. Here, we added a balcony that overlooks the newly designed backyard pool. With the addition of the shimmering pool and its modern glass fencing, the backyard is now forms a luxurious view.

Our alterations to the home’s shape and landscaping required an updated stormwater drainage plan. The new plan offers higher efficiency, protecting the property from pooling water. Thoughtful changes like this and the aforementioned alterations are what enabled us to deliver a more beautiful, functional home that is now perfectly suited for the client’s family lifestyle.