Senior Living Development - Kurri Kurri, New South Wales

Highly experienced in work for the public sector, YGP was approached by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation to design a senior living development. One of the main challenges of the project was designing a facility that could meet the special needs of its occupants, while also satisfying NSW’s need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We tackled the project with enthusiasm, diving into meticulous investigations and planning that would allow us to deliver a design that achieved the goals outlined in the project’s brief. Part of this work included incorporating design strategies that are successful specifically in senior living facilities, were occupant wellness and caretaker effectiveness can be profoundly impacted by the quality of the environment.

Our resulting design envisions a facility comprising individual but attached residences, preserving each occupant’s privacy and independence while still maintaining a sense of community. Each of the residences is augmented with a spacious balcony, where occupants can take in views of the surrounding greenery and even interact with neighbours. The sleek building exterior shows no hint of the drab sparsity that is stereotypically associated with such developments, instead welcoming occupants and visitors with a fresh, modern aesthetic.