Creating homes where life can be lived beautifully

Your home should be a place where you feel fully comfortable, accommodated, and inspired, helping you live the life you’ve always wanted. This can be achieved with custom home design that’s focused on you and your vision.

As custom home architects, we at YGP specialise in designing bespoke dwellings that are perfectly attuned to the needs and lifestyles of the people who live in them. This is something homeowners throughout Sydney have trusted us to deliver time and time again. We’re ready to do the same for you.

Our service offerings don’t stop at personalised consultations and design creation. They extend all the way to construction completion. We can stand by your side throughout the entire process, handling the red tape and managing the construction team until the last nail is hammered. You get comprehensive service that covers the full scope of your project, keeping things running smooth. Luxury home design doesn’t get any simpler than this.


Our consultation packages are designed to fit your needs. You can choose the one that suits your current stage of planning.


Free First Consultation

Your first consultation gives you a chance to discuss your overall vision and goals. Our free consultations come in two options:

●      10-Minutes by phone

●      20-Minutes at our office

In this session, you’re welcome to ask questions about our residential architecture services and get our expert advice. Once we’ve established a general idea of your project’s needs, we can start planning which services you require.  


Full Design Consultation

Time - 1 Hour

Price - $300 

We’ll meet you at the site, where we will assess the property and discuss your needs. We’ll point out any site features that will need to be considered during your project’s planning, and address questions you may have about your project’s viability. At the end, we’ll lay the groundwork for further planning and discuss which of our services you’d like to recruit.

This type of consultation is also useful when you’re considering a property for purchase. We’ll give you our assessment of how well the property can accommodate your architectural goals.


Design Workshop

Time - 2-3 Hours

Price - $1500 

Our design workshops are intensive consultations that take place at your property. During this workshop we will:

●      Develop your brief by asking you in-depth questions about your goals and needs

●      Assess site elements such as condition, drainage, daylight,views, and access

●      Take measurements of the site and form hand-drawn plans

●      Create a basic design concept according to your new brief

●      Illustrate the design concept with hand-drawn sketches

After this workshop, we will:

●      Outline your brief in a full document

●      Collect the sketches into clear pages, e-mailed to you as PDF or JPEG files

●      Produce a services menu that presents services suitable for your project and their fees

●      Create an online idea book that both you and YGP can use to store & share idea photos


How to Get the Most From Your Consultation

Coming to your consultation prepared with the right materials will help us provide you with more helpful recommendations in minimal time. For maximum efficiency, please bring copies that you can leave with us.


Site Plan or Survey

Your site plan shows the location of your house in relation to property lines, driveways/roads, and servitudes. This document is prepared by a surveyor and is usually included with your closing documents at the time you purchase your property.

Photographs of the Exterior

Please bring clear, high-quality photos of the front, back, and sides of your home. These will serve as foundation references when drawing up sketches of your design additions.

Subdivision Restrictions (If Applicable)

Many subdivisions have their own sets of restrictions (“restrictive covenants”) that can often stretch beyond the scope of the city or parish’s building requirements. These restrictions can limit materials, establish mandatory building setbacks, and require separate approval of any plans. If you aren’t sure if your subdivision has such restrictions, check your property’s closing documents.

Floor Plans

Your closing documents should include a detailed floorplan. Original plans are the most useful records, but these may not be available if your property is particularly old.

Your Inspiration Album

Help us get a perfect idea of your tastes, preferences, and goals by showing us an album full of inspiration photos. This can be a physical album made with magazine clippings, or a digital album formed with easy web applications like Pinterest. In your album, please make notes of what you like about each photo, and try to include images of styles, finishes, materials, and architectural features that you’d like to see in your own home.

What to Expect

Most conceptualisation and idea-forming is done during the consultation phase. During your design consultation, we’ll go over your project’s goals, consider opportunities for improvement, and discuss how the construction process will need to take place. Please note that consultations may take longer than usual if your project is especially complex, or if you don’t have some of the documents listed above.

We offer our consultations as stand-alone services. You won’t be required to hire us for your entire project. Depending on your project’s needs, a consultation may be the only architectural service necessary. If you would like to make use of our services after your consultation, we’ll happily discuss and make a plan.

You’re welcome to keep and share all drawings and materials we create for you during your consultation. You can use these documents to provide references and instructions for your builder and other contractors.


Get Your Consultation, No-Strings Attached

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