Upscale Home Remodel - Vaucluse, New South Wales

Owners of a luxe three-storey home in Vaucluse sought our help in improving the functionality of the internal layout and enhancing the exterior’s form. The access path to the home led up to the first floor, where the entryway was in sore need of a redesign that facilitated a smooth transition into the foyer and created a threshold that intuitively separated the spaces.

Our new design addressed these problems elegantly. The entryway’s new form serves as a distinctive area with an inviting atmosphere. On the first floor, the layout was optimised to accommodate larger living spaces, as well as fit multiple walk-in wardrobes and ensuites into this level’s bedrooms. Additionally, we designed a smoother path to the garage entrance and the home’s newly-installed lift.

Family interaction and functional entertaining were the primary focuses when redesigning the ground floor. Our plan made more efficient use of the open layout, centralising the kitchen and dining spaces to form a natural transition space between the multiple living rooms. These rooms were streamlined to provide more direct access to the rear balcony, taking advantage of the pristine waterfront views.

We suggested the installation of a lift to help residents more easily navigate the large property’s three levels. Our design placed the lift’s motor room out of the way on the ground floor, giving us the opportunity to reposition the stairs on each level. This adjustment achieved a more efficient layout for all levels that enabled fluid transitions from floor to floor. 


Project team - Paul Yoon & Andrew Barnyak. Interior Design by Lynda Kerry. Photo by Andrew Barnyak.