Suburban Custom Home Design - Concord, New South Wales

A private property owner approached YGP for the rejuvenation of a lot set at the edge of a peaceful suburban zone. This property had the advantage of neighbouring two lush green sporting parks. However, making good use of this high-potential lot first required addressing the unsightly 1970s weatherboard structure that stretched from the streetside all the way to the property’s rear. After much consideration, it was decided that this structure would be demolished, leaving the site completely clear and ready to accommodate a newly constructed home.

The goal for the new home’s design was to take advantage of the surrounding green views without being overbearing. We did this by incorporating large balconies into the home’s upper story that overlooked the frontage and the backyard. Large glass openings here and expansive windows throughout the rest of the home further capitalised on the verdant views.

Traditional in style, the home’s exterior character was formed by a the use of a muted colour palette and classic elements such as the white balcony railings and sleek trellis that covers the back patio. The star of the backyard is the pool area, which is fenced by a modern glass barrier and covered by its own contemporary trellis.