Luxury Home Redesign - Wentworth Road, Vaucluse, New South Wales

The family residing in this upscale home sought to upgrade their dwelling with a series of alterations and additions throughout the interior and exterior. Knowing of YGP’s custom home design experience and trusted reputation, the owners eagerly recruited our help in their home’s transformation.

Our design process worked from the outside in, first addressing the development of a new entryway to the property. We focused on making this entry more pronounced and aesthetically appealing by giving it a minimalist structure and ornamenting it with intricate metal screens. The entry’s stone flooring flows into the wall of the external garage, which we entirely redesigned.

The structure of the new garage entry also required a redesign of the landscaping above. Our changes included the addition of a lush grass expanse around the home, serene garden spaces, cobbled paths, a new pool area, and a veranda with an outdoor cooking station. These adjustments made the yard space much more accommodating of the family’s outdoor activities.

Finally, our work moved indoors, opening up the interior layout to create a freer, more inviting, family-focused atmosphere. This opening effect was enhanced by the addition of the veranda on the north side, which brought more natural daylight into the home, brightening the living space. Great attention was also paid to architectural details, such as the addition of sophisticated moulding and illuminated built-in storage features. The final result is a chic interior that provides the adults with luxurious amenities, and the children with greater space to play.