New Women’s & Children’s Safe House - Wilcannia, New South Wales

The Aboriginal Housing Office approached YGP with a difficult but rewarding project: to design their new safe house facility for women and children. Our task was to design the facility in full, from the primary safe house to separate housing units and a central area for outdoor recreation. Our team was eager to overcome the challenges of this project and give back to the community by providing a safe place for those most in need.

The facility had to comfortably accommodate individual women and their children for several months as they escape domestic violence and make the transition to a safe and stable living situation. Therefore, the facility’s design needed to be as efficient as it was compassionate. Our work focused on creating ample space for the victims to take shelter in a dignified manner, and for the staff to carry out their duties effectively.

The facility’s outdoor recreation area was designed to be inviting and accommodating for both children and adult women. All outdoor leisure spaces are clustered together at the property’s centre, cultivating a sense of community and enabling mothers to easily supervise their children during play. Outdoor spaces include a playground, a garden, a fire pit with built-in seating, and a covered patio where support activities can be hosted. 

Photo by NSW Land and Housing Corporation