Complete Custom Home Design - Hills Shire, New South Wales

The owners of a suburban property in Hills Shire reached out to YGP to design a luxurious new double-story dwelling. Our services covered the entire pre-construction process, managing everything from design conceptualisation to soliciting bids from building contractors.

Satisfying the client’s request, our final design envisioned a spacious, contemporary home with sophisticated amenities and architectural details. On the ground floor, we implemented an open plan that kept the interior airy while removing any friction in the transition between spaces. Intuitive separation of living, entertainment, and bedroom spaces was created by step-up/step-down transitions in the floor levels.

The upper floor’s layout includes multiple large bedrooms, each with private, minimalist balconies that overlook the frontage or backyard spaces.  Strategic use of high windows and glare-blocking overhangs throughout the home achieved maximal daylight exposure throughout the seasons without compromising comfort.

A contrast-focused composition of white plaster, dark brickwork, and warm timber panelling make up the home’s sleek exterior. In the backyard, the home’s kitchen and living space flow into the outdoor patio, which is neighboured by a pool and a manicured grass lawn. 


photo of construction 23/2/2017