Thoughtful collaboration, personalised service, and expert guidance — every step of the way. 

While YGP offers different design packages that cover smaller portions of architecture projects, we’ve outlined our full process below. This includes everything from design conception to construction completion. 


STEP 1  Consultation

You receive a personal consultation during which we discuss your design goals and vision. We offer you our expert advice and address any questions or concerns you may have.

At the end, you’ll get a detailed proposal outlining our suggested services and pricing. 

STEP 2 Pre-Design

All necessary preparation is made for the creation of your design. Our team begins research on applicable building codes and planning regulations, as well as makes an evaluation of the property.

During our site visit, we note all relevant landscape features and take all necessary measurements. It’s then that we prepare detailed drawings of the property’s landscape, structures, and other site elements.

STEP 3 Schematic Design

We work up a series of sketches, drawings, models, and any other useful media to outline the design plans. You’ll be closely consulted throughout this process through personal meetings.

During these meetings, you’ll be able to share your ideas, review our drafts, and give feedback which is then incorporated into the final versions.  

STEP 4 Preliminary Pricing

After we’ve developed clear design plans, we recruit the help of a professional cost planner to estimate schematic construction pricing.

This enables us to develop an initial estimate of both the costs and scheduling of your project.


STEP 5 Design Development

We dive deeper into the design process, zoning in on the details. Reviewing 3D images and scaled drawings, we identify any design improvements that can be made to both the interior and exterior.

This information is then factored into our initial cost and schedule estimate, which is adjusted accordingly. 

STEP 6 Contract Documents

With the final design scheme complete, we now create the technical drawings and plans necessary to obtain proper building permits.

These schematics will also be provided to the construction team so that they have all the information they need to perfectly execute your plans.

STEP 7 Tender and Negotiation

While your building permit application is pending approval, we help you solicit bids from professional builders. You’ll have our assistance pre-qualifying these builders and determining who’s the best fit for your project.

Once you’ve selected the right builder, we help you negotiate contract terms so that they match your project’s goals. 

STEP 8 Construction Phase Services

We supervise the builder’s work to ensure that construction follows your plans. We handle weekly site visits, reviewing the building team’s drawings, approving payments, consulting, and tracking the progress of your project’s completion.

Toward the end, we review the construction, checking for any corrections that need to be made and taking note of any tasks that still need to be completed.

When everything’s complete, we take care of all the loose ends and wrap up your project. You’re then free to enjoy the results: your design vision brought to life.