Remedial Project - Waterloo

In another collaboration with the NSW Government, YGP planned the transformation of a large but weathered medium-density social housing property. What started as a modest remedial project grew to be an extensive exterior upgrade.

We set to drafting a new concept for the building’s facades, as well as the landscaping of the grounds. Our concept aimed for a more contemporary look with a fresh colour scheme and tidy details.

Custom-designed balconies and yard balustrades complement the subtle patterns of the exterior brickwork, while replacement windows for all 54 units and the facility’s common areas complete the visual cohesion. Faulty design of the original roof had caused significant water damage, requiring an additional redesign of the roof’s structure.

Once this concept was developed, the project’s scope was expanded again: the LAHC wished to replicate the appealing new aesthetic with two neighbouring buildings. The end result will a complete facelift of the entire block, enhancing the beauty and atmosphere of the whole neighbourhood.

Waterloo remedial.png

Photo of Existing

Remedial Project Waterloo

Artist Impression of the Proposed