Social Housing Upgrades

Redesign & Conception of Social Housing Projects - New South Wales

YGP has had the privilege of collaborating with several social housing corporations, including the Land and Housing Corporation and the ADHC. Through these collaborations, we’ve worked on projects of various scales, ranging from simple renovations that bring existing facilities up to national building standards, to the complete design and construction management of new developments. A few of our past projects include:


Dubbo Group Home

Contracted by the ADHC, this $4 million project required us to create a number of modern residences for residents with special needs. Our thoughtful housing concept took a compassionate approach, using design to optimise function and accommodate the unique lifestyle requirements of the occupants. 


Claymore Community Regeneration Program

With final construction completed in 1981, the 125-hectare Claymore Estate had become in sore need of rejuvenation. Our design management services included upgrading 72 cottages, as well as constructing new roads and improving the estate’s layout. Thanks to our changes, Claymore is on track to becoming a beautiful, peaceful community that residents can take pride in.


Belvoir Street, Surry Hills

A high-density residential complex needed the replacement of its windows and doors, as well as doing restorative work on some of the property’s original doors. After this phase was completed, we were tasked with the complete renovation of the property’s commercial shop. 

Dubbo Group Home

Con­tracted to pro­vide a suite of con­tem­po­rary dwellings for the NSW Gov­ern­ment Depart­ment of Age­ing, Dis­abil­ity, & Home Care afforded us the oppor­tu­nity to con­sci­en­tiously design a hous­ing typol­ogy that directly acknowl­edges and facil­i­tates the needs of the sub­se­quent inhabitants.


Belvoir St Surry Hills

Avalon St, Birrong

Sir Joesph Banks St, Bankstown


Halinda St, Whalan